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Wood Carving - Wotan by Nixxiom Wood Carving - Wotan :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 80 12
Ashevn Tells the Story of Amoniel to Krethul
Ashevn Tells the Story of Amoniel to Krethul
Twas under-leaf I tread alone,
No voice but mine own did I know.
Through shadowed wood I walked in thought
I knew my heart grew longing.
But came upon a glade, I did
Beholding there a water’s edge.
And on the surface, there she sat
A pale beauty resting alone.
I called out then to learn her name,
But lo, she took to sky and fled.
I knew I’d not see her again,
But there I saw a gift laying.
A feather left behind for thee,
A gift from goddess; my heart swelled!
Thus, I waited for her to come -
I knew she’d come and seeketh me.
For twice a moon I watched the sky,
I wondered when she’d soar to thee.
But on a night when most in doubt
I saw her silver glistening!
A beauty from within the wood
Her gaze, a fire that melt my heart,
She smiled and she said to me:
Love thee I do, eternally.
I looked upon her flowing hair,
Her soft pale face, that of moonlight,
In her smile I saw the stars,
And thus mineself began to sing:
:iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 8 5
Petroglyph Tattoo Design by Nixxiom Petroglyph Tattoo Design :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 25 2
A Calling to Tiwaz
Tiwaz, god of honor
Tiwaz, god of these kings
Tiwaz, hear my calling:
Order-god of justice
Victory-god of oath
Glorious god of strength!
The great and glorious
The mighty and fearless
The beauty of Tiwaz.
Smile upon my path
May my struggles bring glory
May I earn your favor!
Will you give me a ring,
Will I enter the hall,
What will the poets sing?
What is this? I feel it
An ancient wisdom stirs
Victory-god, awaken!
The silence is speaking
The old roots awaken
Sword and spear-god, watching.
Give to me the ringmail
Give to me the shield wall
I will die with honor!
Tiwaz, my god of war
Tyr, my god of glory
I shall become like you.
Thy hand, thy blood given
Devoured by the wolf
The beast you raised, bound!
My hand shall be given
My blood will wet the ground
The self-wolf, imprisoned.
Judge me for who I am
Reward honor with truth,
Dishonor, with my death!
Tiwaz, god of power
Tiwaz, god of the shrine
Tiwaz, remember me.
:iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 12 9
Rootless Tree Falls
Rootless Tree Falls
The Tall Tree, the highest free,
climbing, that it would be,
greatest height above the sea.
Little Oak, now has awoke,
jealous, smallest of folk,
wondering words to invoke.
The Tallest, sees now August,
fearful, yet so modest,
soon to die, to be honest.
Little Tree, he now can see,
digging, roots now decree:
"Not a fallen Oak, he'll be."
That Tall Tree, will not be free,
falling, now towards the sea,
winter ends the height to be.
Little Oak, did not provoke,
waiting, in mourning cloak,
"firmly rooted," he has spoke.
Now he lives, and seeds he gives,
Tallest, he does outlive,
rare life offers to forgive.
Rootless tree, shall never be,
tallest, wisest and free,
known to roots each man should be.
:iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 19 7
The Druid and the Huntress by Nixxiom The Druid and the Huntress :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 59 17
Boast to Wotan
Boast to Wotan
Grey Pilgrim of one eye,
I see you sitting there.
Then on black wings you fly,
far from Midgard to share,
your throne with Frigga-fair.
Father, do you see me,
or do you turn away?
I know it's high, that Tree,
yet see me on this day.
Don't turn your eye away!
Watch me!  I'll make you proud.
Let the Golden Mead flow,
for I'll make my voice loud!
Higher I'll climb, I know,
my honor, I will show.
Aye, you must watch me climb,
that way to fates-anew.
For you have had your time,
now it's my turn to do,
the climb that knows so few.
Or will you watch me fall,
and laugh like all the rest?
Will you pity at all,
if I do fail your test?
Am I no longer blessed?
A pity that won't be,
for I cannot fail you.
I will not let it be,
for I'll just start anew,
and make my way towards you.
All-Father, listen now,
for I boast to That Mead.
To you I will not bow,
for like you, I will lead.
I'm not so simple-breed.
:iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 2 2
The Offer by Nixxiom The Offer :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 7 2 Demonstrating Magic by Nixxiom Demonstrating Magic :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 19 3 Grainne Smoking by Nixxiom Grainne Smoking :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 13 4 Gathered Together by Nixxiom Gathered Together :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 22 10 The Demon Hunter (Part 2) - The Festival of Jera by Nixxiom The Demon Hunter (Part 2) - The Festival of Jera :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 3 3 The Thuzadin Ride Out by Nixxiom The Thuzadin Ride Out :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 4 2 Testing the Limit by Nixxiom Testing the Limit :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 4 0 Demonstrating the Storm Druid by Nixxiom Demonstrating the Storm Druid :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 4 1 Concept Art - Ashevn by Nixxiom Concept Art - Ashevn :iconnixxiom:Nixxiom 3 3


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Nixxiom's Profile Picture
Enthorial "Nixxiom" Ashtree
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, everybody! My name is Nixxiom, but you probably know me as "Nixxiom" from my Youtube channel "Nixxiom." That's a lot of Nixxiom! Jokes aside, welcome to my DA page where you can find the various poems I have written, as well as images I enjoy sharing using WoW models, etc. Here you can take a little glimpse into who I am outside of the machinima making, sorta. I hope you guys enjoy what you find and if you do decide to Watch me, you're awesome! Thank you very much.

A lot of my work does reflect my personal beliefs and you will see that I do tend to favorite images that relate to the paths that I follow, as well as fan art from my work. I've spoken to many of you about this in the past - you know who you are - but I do ask to be left alone in this regard, as my beliefs are my own and I do not like being interviewed about them, unless there is a genuine shared curiosity. I walk a quiet path and I ask that such a thing be respected.


Some FAQ before you guys message me:

1. What server do you play on in World of Warcraft?
-I play on Argent Dawn, EU

2. Do you still RP?
-No, I stopped RPing a long time ago.

3. Why?
-The same reason you don't do that thing you did 5 years ago - you grew out of it / you don't think it's fun anymore.

4. Can I add you as a friend on
-No. Only my actual friends are allowed to have my information.

5. Can I be in one of your videos?

6. Would you like to use my artwork for a video?
-I LOVE featuring people's art in my videos, so if you ever draw fan art of Nixxiom, Moocluck, or any character from my channel, please feel free to send to me. <3

7. Are you also the Nixxiom from Planet Dolan?
-Yes, that's me.


:iconcarancerth: :iconalbinostag: :iconsteambunns: :iconbarn-swallow: :iconraikoart: :iconnatasailincic: :iconred-sinistra: :iconsavvybanani: :iconstreetstellstories: :iconcryptid-creations: :iconselendis92: :icontwotigermoon: :iconkhayllys: :iconpuddingpack: :iconriipause: :iconrukiexramen: :iconkormyrasekyria: :iconnannamormont: :iconxewspaws:


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(Btw, I love your jokes in some of the dd videos)
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